Covering Ground: A Groundbreakers Travel Guide

On February 19th, I’ll be launching my complete volume of the Groundbreakers saga. That means all three fantasy novellas collected in one epic adventure! To learn more about the series, click here. For anyone considering the journey into Sygne and Jamal’s world, I thought a bit of a travelogue would be useful. Here are some of the key locales that play into the story.


The ULTIMATE in nerdy, world-building gratification…. We’ve got a MAP!

Embhra: The continent that hosts the entire saga. Embhra is home to the Golden Empires… a rivalrous collection of city-states that will probably remind you of Babylon, Ancient Greece, Petra, and Persia. (Albeit, anachronistic, fantasy-versions of those places.)

Krit: A small, centrally located city-state where our story begins. Krit has just been conquered by the expanding (and basically evil) Issulthraqi Empire. The conquering Issulthraqis have just made good on their threat to make the streets run red with blood, which is actually far grosser, even, then it sounds. So Krit is far from a pleasant place to be right now—and that’s before you account for the Lovecraftian horror that dwells in the caverns below the city.

Sarthoon: A dingy port for dinghies of every sort. The coastlines of Embhra are littered with harbor towns like Sarthoon, all of them boisterous lairs for pirates and prostitutes. This one drunkenly proclaims itself the ‘Capital of Lice!’ … Oops. That was supposed to be the ‘Capital of Vice.’

The sibilant seas: The bodies of water that surround Embhra are all named with ’s’ words…

The Slumbering Sea: Could this refer to some ancient hibernating force that lies dormant under these calming waters? Most of the Golden Empires speak of Ancient Ones, demons who wallowed in the primordial seas before men—or even gods—existed.

The Serrated Sea: Named for its tall and ravenous whitecaps.

The Sanguine Sea: The western ocean, named for the warm hues that it gathers as it nestles the setting sun.

The Sapphire Sea: A beautiful blue sea caressing the ports of Albatherra. Just another reason why Albatherra appears to be a very pleasant place to live.

The Silent Sea: A misty, boggy place, cluttered with remote islands. Beyond this insufferable barrier lies the Hinterlands. Little is known about the fair-skinned peoples that live in the dark forests of the Hinterlands, except for the few that immigrate south to the sunnier parts of the continent. Sygne is an orphan who was taken from the Hinterlands at a very early age. She seems to remember very little of her past. But her past remembers her, and it may just come back to haunt her!

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