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Husband. Father. Writer. Designer. Abuser of one-word sentences.

Hi, my name is James Derry. I grew up wanting to be the regular penciller on The New Mutants. I went to art school for the nude figure drawing courses and stayed for the degree in graphic design (University of Georgia).

I live in the sub-tropical suburbs of Atlanta with my wife and two kids. In my spare time I bounce like a pinball between writing genres: science fiction, paranormal suspense, near-future spy thrillers, and pulp fantasy. Here’s hoping that more than a few of them make it to Amazon! I also spend time posting my random thoughts on this site: blatherings about my writing progress, reading, pop culture, and comic books. I hope you enjoy them!

For more news on upcoming releases, or for any random question, contact him at jderrywriter@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!

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